Welcome to the Phoenix Best 100 0f Portland 2017

*** THE FINAL STRETCH! From March 16 through 29, each category now shows only its top five vote-getters.***

It’s time to vote for the Best 100 of Portland. Take a minute and cast a ballot for your favorite restaurants, shops, places, personalities and talent.

Your ballot will be entered in a drawing for one of 10 grab bags of coupons and goodies at the Best of 100 Portland party to be held this year at the Portland House of Music on April 27.

This year, there is only one ballot, which contains all the categories, and you can vote only once. The voting period is open March 1-March 29.


Q: Whoa! The ballot looks different — what happened?

Many of you asked about making the ballot shorter and more “fair.” We listened and removed some categories. The list of nominees will be “extremely vetted” so only legitimate entries will be posted. No cranks. No jokes.

Q: You mean there aren't two ballots like last year?

No. This year, there is only one ballot for the Best 100 of Portland categories. The single voting period is open from March 1-March 29.

Q: Why 100 categories?

The number of categories can easily grow unwieldy. We believe 100 strikes a balance between having enough categories to reflect a wide cross-section of what Portland offers, yet still feel exclusive. We encourage suggestions for new categories, and we will make substitutions in future years to reflect the city’s ever-changing cultural landscape.

Q: Gosh, the ballot looks long. Do I have fill out the whole thing?

To qualify for the goody bags, you must vote in a minimum of 10 categories.

Q. Can I vote twice or change my vote?

No and yes. To ensure the highest level of voter integrity, we will ask you to confirm your email address. This means every legitimate email account votes only once. You can, however, go back to your ballot as many times as you want before the deadline in order to change your vote or to vote in more categories.

Q. What are you doing with my information?

We’ll use it to contact you about the voting and the party, and to offer you our email newsletters (though only if you choose to, see below). We respect your privacy and will not sell your information to third parties.

To go to the ballot CLICK HERE